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2016-05-02 10:44:37
Sell Your Home With Professional Photography

A Successful Home Sale Begins With Professional Photography


Well over 90% of home buyers begin their home search online. Therefore, it is critical for home sellers to understand the importance of professional photography when it comes to selling their home.

I am still amazed at the number of listings I see every day on the Wasatch Front Regional MLS with amateur (and that’s being kind) photographs. Often times photos are over-exposed, under-exposed, blurry, sideways and sometimes even upside down! It’s insane to me that sellers will allow their agents to promote the sale of their home with such poor quality photos. Let me cut to the chase. If the photos of your home are lousy, there’s a great chance that the potential buyer response will end up being lousy also.

I explain to my seller clients that photographs and home staging are critical; especially when it comes to receiving a great response to the listing. I always work with a professional photographer and in the vast majority of my listings, I usually end up coordinating home staging touches myself. I even make sure that photos are taken at a specific time of day to ensure the very best lighting both in and outside of the home. Furthermore, I make sure that my clients have decluttered their home based on suggestions I have previously made. Lastly, I will sometimes add or remove furniture and fixtures as well as other home components so that each room looks its very best in the photograph.

I firmly believe that the approach of professional photography and home staging should be very similar to the approach one takes when it comes to online dating. If you are seeking a quality person for a potential long-term relationship, you will expect that person to be very clean and sharp in both dress and appearance. If you like what you see, your hope will be that their personal description is substantive and appealing to you as well. This almost always leads to the date and often ends up in a long-term commitment or marriage.

Selling homes online works the exact same way. If potential buyers like the photos and marketing description, they will request a showing. If the in-person showing goes well, they will likely follow-through with an offer. If the seller’s agent has positioned the seller(s) well, this often results in an acceptance and a long-term love affair for the buyer’s and their new home.


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Sell Your Home With Professional Photography

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